Corporate Governance Framework

In 2015, Dangote Cement undertook a review of its Corporate Governance Framework. The purpose of the review was to ensure that:

  • the governance practices accurately reflected recent changes to the Company’s business and structure;
  • the governance framework set out and reinforced the Company values;
  • the risk and assurance processes were a robust and integral part of the governance framework; and
  • the framework reflected best governance practices and complied with applicable regulations.

The review process culminated in the approval of the following policies:

  1. Board Appointment Policy
  2. Conflict of Interest and Related Party Transactions Policy
  3. Insider Trading Policy
  4. Directors’ Code of Conduct Policy
  5. Board Evaluation Policy
  6. Communication Governance Policy
  7. Board Development Policy
  8. Board Remuneration Policy
  9. Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
  10. Board Tenure Policy
  11. Annual Agenda Cycle
  12. Board Reporting Framework
  13. Whistle Blowing Policy

The revised Governance Framework has been being implemented by the Company, which is obliged to report on compliance in the Annual Report and Accounts for the financial year end.