Local Communities

Working hand in hand with the Host Communities

Dangote Cement is by far the largest cement producer in Nigeria, one of Africa’s most rapidly growing economies. Dangote Group has always strived to work hand in hand with the local communities in regions where we operate. Our aim is to work with these communities to minimize the impact of our operations and to help the local people benefit from our presence. Where resettlement of the local people is necessary, we provide new housing and other essential services such as schools and clinics, places of worship and infrastructure such as electricity, sanitation and water.

In the context of the areas of focus listed above, when working with local communities we concentrate on the following:

  • Employment of local people/contractors
  • Youth empowerment through our training programmes such as the Graduate Engineers Training Scheme, the Vocational Training Scheme and the Junior Technician Scheme
  • The provision of educational help in the form of construction and renovation of primary and secondary schools, as well as the provision of scholarships for older students in the host community
  • Improvements in local healthcare through the construction, rehabilitation and equipping of health care centers in host communities, the provision of mobile health clinics to access remote areas and our highly successful Malaria Parasite Eradication Programme
  • Improvements in community welfare through the construction and rehabilitation of local and nearby roads (which also benefit our own logistics), the provision of clean water and electricity.