Dangote Academy

Dangote Cement works to improve the skill levels of its staff by providing training opportunities through our own educational hub, the Dangote Academy, or through reputable institutions inside Nigeria and abroad.

The Dangote Academy was established in 2010 to provide training in technical and management skills for employees and people wishing to join the Dangote Group of companies. It was created in recognition of the fact that we cannot rely on universities and colleges to provide the very specialized technical and managerial training required to run major industrial factories such as ours, particularly in the large numbers of such people that we will need.



Graduate Engineers Training Scheme

The GETS is designed to enable young engineers pursue a careers in Dangote. The scheme prepares fresh engineering graduates with the necessary technical and supervisory skills to become team leaders, thus meeting our middle-level manpower requirements.

Operating in four phases, GETS begins with basic engineering theory workshop skills, progressing to IT and personal skills, plant skills and more advanced training in management and leadership. Graduates from this scheme will go on to become highly skilled plant engineers in Nigeria and our other projects in Africa.


Vocational Training Scheme

The VTS offers training for students in basic trades such as welding and fabrication, fitting & mechanical maintenance, heavy-duty automobile maintenance, instrumentation and automation, electrical maintenance and process operation.

Five streams of trainees in batches of about 50 students have been trained since 2010 and about 90% of those graduated have found employment with Dangote Cement.


Junior Technician Scheme

The JTS is the latest addition to the Academy’s learning initiatives and was conceived as a supporting scheme to the VTS. The 18-month course has taken its first and second batches of students, totaling around 150 trainees. Skills training includes training in areas such as welding and fabrication, fitting and mechanical maintenance, heavy earth-moving machine maintenance, electrical and instrumentation skills.

To register or for more information about the Dangote Academy programs, send an email to dangote.academy@dangote.com