Information about the Stock

Dangote Cement shares have been listed and traded on the Nigerian Stock Exchange under the symbol DANGCEM since 2010.

In order to buy shares in Dangote Cement, you need the assistance of a stockbroker who is licensed by the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) to purchase securities on your behalf. You may access a list of licensed and active stockbrokers on the web site of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Here’s what you must do:

Step 1: Complete the Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) account opening form

Step 2: Complete the stockbrokers account opening form

Step 3: Submit required documents (2 passport photos, identification and utility bill) to your stockbroker

Step 4: Fund your brokerage account

Step 5: Submit your trade order

We have linked below a couple of useful websites that show the steps required to purchase shares:
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How to Invest on the Nigerian Stock Exchange – Investing In Africa

For more information about Dangote Cement’s share price, please follow these links:
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No, but Dangote Cement shares can be purchased through just about any licensed brokerage firm. See how to purchase shares.

United Securities Limited
10, Amodu Ojikutu Street
Victoria Island
Lagos, Nigeria

Telephone: +234 (1) 271 4566, +234 (1) 271 4567

Please contact the Company’s Registrars for any queries on Dividend Warrants or Share Certificates.

Instructions for Claiming Unpaid Dividends

Please download and open the file named ‘List of Unclaimed Dividends’, which is provided in PDF format. Use Ctrl-F to open a search box and search for your name.

If your name is in the list, it means you have not been paid dividends and they remain unclaimed.

To claim your dividend, please contact the registrar at the address below. In order to receive payment, please also fill in and provide the Registrar with the E-Dividend mandate, which you can print from page 237 of the 2019 Annual Report.

The Registrar
Dangote Cement
United Securities Limited
10, Amodu Ojikutu Street,
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria

Tel:                         +234(1)271-4566, 271-4567



If you would prefer your dividends to be paid directly into your bank account, you can fill in the e-Dividend mandate form contained in the 2019 Annual Report and send to the Registrar.

Dangote Cement Investors Relations team can be reached via email:

Dangote Cement was incorporated on January 4, 1992.

Information on the Board of Directors and their responsibilities can be found here.

Dangote Cement’s independent auditor is KPMG.

Financial Information

You can download an electronic copy of the Report and Accounts from here. You can also obtain a hard copy by contacting the Investor Relations team via email:

Yes, Dangote Cement files quarterly reports with the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The reports are also available here.

Dangote Cement’s Financial Year End is the 31st of December.

Yes, Dangote Cement’s Quarterly Results Conference Calls are live with replays available for a month after the live call.

Dangote Cement’s Articles of Association can be viewed here.