An Emerging Force in Global Cement Production

Dangote Cement is Africa’s leading cement producer with operations in 10 African countries, revenues in excess of US$2.3 billion.
We are a fully integrated quarry-to-customer producer with production capacity of up to 48.6 million tonnes per annum (Mta) across Africa as at 2020.
We have operational facilities in Cameroon, Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia.
Dangote Cement is the largest company on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, having listed its shares in October 2010.

Nigerian Operations

Nigeria is Dangote Cement’s home market and where we started manufacturing cement in 2007. We have three fully integrated cement plants of 32.3Mta located in Obajana, Ibese and Gboko. We plan to build new capacity in the coming years to meet Nigeria’s and West Africa’s growing demand for cement


Obajana Cement Plant

Obajana, in Kogi State, is our flagship plant and the largest of our three factories in Nigeria at 16.25Mta capacity across five lines. Opened in 2008 with two lines totalling 5Mta, it was even then the largest cement factory in Sub-Saharan Africa. We extended its capacity to 10.25Mta in 2012 with the opening of Line 3; added a further 3.0Mta line in late 2014 and another 3.0Mta in 2020.
Obajana was initially designed to run on natural gas, with LPFO as a back-up fuel, but we have completed equipping all of its five lines to use coal as a back-up and even a primary fuel.
Obajana has limestone reserves of 647 million tonnes, expected to last for about 45 years. The plant is supported by a fleet of 2,370 trucks.

Ibese Cement Plant

Our 12.0Mta plant at Ibese in Ogun State serves Lagos, the expanding South-West market, and also produces cement for export to nearby countries in West Africa. Commissioned with 6.0Mta of capacity in 2012, the plant was doubled in size in late 2014. Like Obajana, Ibese runs on natural gas and has undergone conversion to coal for back-up fuel. Ibese has 1,150 million tonnes of limestone, enough for about 78 years, and is supported by 1,488 cement delivery trucks.

Benue Cement Plant

Our 4.0Mta plant at Gboko in Benue State, is our oldest factory in Nigeria, having been commissioned in 2007. Due to its long distance from the national gas infrastructure, the plant was designed to run solely on LPFO but after an upgrade carried out in 2015-16, Gboko is now capable of running entirely on coal. With about 133 million tonnes of limestone reserves – enough for more than 30 years – and 800 trucks for deliveries, Gboko serves local markets in the east of Nigeria and could potentially supply Cameroon with clinker when it reopens.

Our Products

World Class Cement at Affordable Cost

Dangote Cement is of the highest quality and comparable to any quality cement brand in the world. Cement from Dangote’s modern factories is sold in 50 Kg bags, 1.5 tonne jumbo bags and in bulk tankers. Stringent quality assurance processes are put in place so that customers can be assured of receiving a high-quality product that meets all the required technical standards.

Pioneering New Standards with Dangote 3X Cement
Dangote Cement has set new standards by pioneering the 42.5R grade ‘Dangote 3X Cement’, which is designed to give more value to the end users. 3X is decoded to mean “Xtra strong, Xtra life and Xtra yield”. The new offering comes in a 50 Kg bag and is the first of its kind in Nigeria. Dangote 3X Cement is primarily aimed at preventing construction collapses due to usage of lower-grade cement apart from strengthening the quality of the brand. The extra strength and rapid drying properties of the product makes it the first choice for builders and contractors. A bag of the new Dangote 3X Cement – 42.5R variety is rated as equivalent to one and half bag of the regular cement bag.

Our premium quality cement is produced in three grades namely:

32.5R CEM II

  • Lower clinker content augmented by pumice additive and gypsum
  • Suitable for plastering, low-rise buildings, masonry etc.

42.5R (3X) CEM II-AL

  • Higher clinker content
  • Suitable for most building uses including high-rise, some infrastructure work

52.5 CEM I

  • Higher clinker content
  • Suitable for major infrastructure construction such as bridges, dams etc.


Setting standards in cement distribution

Dangote Cement is one of the pioneering companies to adopt a completely integrated approach to the manufacture and distribution of cement.
We have an extensive network of depots in strategic locations across Nigeria, supplied by our own fleet of more than 5,000 trucks based at three different plants. This enables us to supply market needs as quickly and efficiently as possible to meet demand. In addition, we can supply directly to the customer’s site, saving them the considerable effort of organizing their own transportation. Click to view the list of our depots across Nigeria.
Dangote Cement has recently simplified the process to enroll new distributors of its cement. Click to view information on how to become a distributor.



At Dangote Cement, we are committed to becoming a global force in cement. Talented people are what makes the company successful and we need to employ the very best in order to achieve our goal. We hope this might be you! If you are among the brightest and the best and relish the challenge of helping us achieve our goals, please check for vacancies in our recruitment portal.