7 Sustainability Pillars - "The Dangote Way"

Our approach is built on the premise that sustainability must be owned and practiced at every level of our organization, most especially at the highest levels of institutional governance. We also believe that measuring and reporting our activity transparently and consistently is a crucial component to constantly improving on our role and impact in transforming our ecosystem. To achieve this, we continually invest in extensive stakeholder consultations, also internally, by which process we have developed our own customized framework towards sustainability.

For the Dangote Group, Sustainability Thinking enables us better balance our economic, social and environmental priorities while sustaining our financial, operational and institutional goals, safeguarding the well-being of present and future generations and maintaining a holistic respect for ethical values and local cultures.

The 7 Sustainability Pillars provide the appropriate framework in which we have embedded our corporate values and strategic objectives. This approach informs “The Dangote Way” 7 Pillars we have adopted, and around which our Sustainability Report is centered. As is clear from the diagram opposite, we regard the Cultural pillar as one that is integral to all the others. This is because people and values will always have a central role to play in our efforts to maintain profitable and sustainable business operations across Africa.

Achieve sustainable financial health through a business model that delivers strong returns to shareholders, whilst creating value in the economies in which we operate by selling high quality products at affordable prices, supported by excellent customer service.


Build a world-class institution centered around corporate governance best practices and sustainability principles that promote legal and regulatory compliance, transparency and business continuity.


Promote inclusive, sustainable economic growth, self-reliance, self-sufficiency and industrialization across Africa, by establishing efficient production facilities and developing resilient local economies in strategic locations and key markets.


Embody our core values in the way we do business, including a respect for cultural diversity and giving back to the societies in which we operate. To achieve this, we actively encourage teamwork, empowerment, inclusion, respect, integrity and meritocracy within our organisation


Serve and satisfy our markets by working together with partners to deliver the best products and services to our valued customers and stakeholders through continuous product improvement, new business development, employing state-of-the-art technologies and systems to constantly optimize cost-efficiencies.


Create sustainable environmental management practices, through a proactive approach to addressing the challenges and opportunities of climate change, while optimizing our performance in energy efficiency, water usage and emissions.


Create a learning environment and platform for our employees to grow and achieve their fullest potential,
whilst adhering to the highest standards of health and safety. In our host communities, we strive to develop resilient and sustainable prosperity through direct and indirect employment, skills transfer and local entrepreneurial development.