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Dangote 3X 42.5R

Dangote 3X, cement type CEMII 42.5R (A-L) – is a general-purpose cement that is used to produce all kinds of products including C8/10-C35/45 class of concrete.

It has good water retention property and prevents bleeding of fresh concrete; hence, a better appearance of concrete surfaces, and wall plastering.

CEM II 42.5N (B-L) can also be used to produce any concrete according to DIN EN 206-1/ DIN 1045-2. It is a high strength product packaged in a 50kg bag for customer convenience. This cement is ideal for all DIY applications ranging from home repairs to high technical work on building sites.

Dangote 3X can be used in pre-mixed concrete industry, due to its good workability, which allows it to be process-able, for a very long period.
Minimum strength required at 28 days is 42.5MPa and the R denotes Rapid early strength development