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Dangote BlocMaster

Dangote BlocMaster, Cement type CEM II 42.5R (A-L) can be used for the production of all kinds of concrete according to DIN EN 206-1/DIN 1045-1. When you need concrete of higher strength classes, BlocMaster is ideal and appropriate.

BlocMaster is ideal for application in the following fields:

Concrete goods industry: A unique feature is its strength, making it preferred in the construction industry for the development and fabrication of paving stones, tubes, duct rings, as well as civil engineering works. This unique feature (strength) is important in the construction process, and encourages quick turnaround. This makes BlocMaster an economically viable choice for the construction industry.
Concrete Precast Industry: The economic benefits of this cement cannot be understated. Having solid structures and blocks can be reached economically. The speedy strength development of BlocMaster helps with the accelerated production process in this industry.
 – Ready-mix industry: Due to the high heat of hydration during the setting process, BlocMaster is preferred when the climate is cooler i.e. the Harmattan season.

Most suitable for High strength concrete and Block making.
(Do not use for Plastering, fixing of tiles or laying of blocks unless you get professional advice.)